Cambrian Chicken Coop

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Delivery weight: 100 kg

D:32" x W:35" x H:36"

Excluding Nestbox

The Cambrian. Designed with the serious keeper in mind. No frills, just good honest quality. Solid, hard wearing and practical.

  • We use 50mm x 25mm redwood framing and 16mm redwood T&G shiplap treated with preservative to make an even stronger, longer lasting structure.
  • All joints are screwed and not nailed.
  • Floor: hardwood ply.
  • All fittings are black japanned.
  • The Onduline roof is vented.
  • Our chicken coops come with a double external nest box and two removable perches.
  • The floorspace, excluding the nest box, is 7.7ft2 and going by The Poultry Society guidelines is large enough to house 7 chickens.
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