Dog Kennel & Run

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can be shipped within 10 days

Delivery weight: 100 kg

8'6" x 4'

More panels can be purchase to extend the run if required.

Mesh roof to run is available.

We use 40mm x 40mm redwood framing.

All joints are screwed and not nailed.

16mm redwood shiplap treated with preservative to make an even stronger, longer lasting structure.

Kennel dimensions: Depth 2'6", width 4', height 4'6" with a stable door in front for easy cleaning and access.

Run dimensions: Length 6', width 4', height 4', 2"x2" galvanized mesh all around.

Large door at the side fitted with 2 bolts for extra security.

Floor: 12mm Ply.

Roof: 12mm Ply covered with Green mineral felt All fittings are black japanned.

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